20200204 200859Don Eather, Keith Cain our host, Emily Ryan President, Brian Chapman.

Last June, when we helped with catering at the COONAMBLE RODEO, I was concerned about the lack of ROTARY signage on their food vans. 
 I consulted with the Coonamble Rotary Club and organised some signs to be made by a fellow Tamworth West member. He made them at the right price and our zone paid for them.  
 Accompanied by Don Eather, I delivered those signs to Coonamble Rotary last Tuesday, 4th February. They thanked us (RVFR) for the gesture and are thinking about painting their vans before putting on the signs. Our District Governor was also on a club visit. He thanked me for helping to promote Rotary and complimented the RVFR for volunteering to help the Coonamble Rotary Club.
Don and I got caught in an almighty dust storm while there. Having to drive through a gale for 20 kms -  occasionally down to about 4 metres of visibility AT NIGHT-  was NO fun. It is now raining in the area so that will improve things. 
 Brian Chapman